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Denver vs. Seattle Super Bowl Preview

As the game approaches and the forecast becomes easier to pinpoint you will begin to hear about Manning’s poor record in the cold.  Let all of the so called handicappers use that as a reason they chose a particular side. If anyone thinks the weather will be a DIRECT reason Denver wins or looses you […]

College Football Week In Review

I have learned not to get overly excited or put too much hype on any one game during the year, but this Alabama Texas A&M game will be a memorable one when we look back on turning points for both teams. Looking back I said Texas A&M would score points, but Alabama would score more. […]

College Football Week 2 Review/Week 3 Preview

The new college football polls are out and I understand that ranking a one loss team over a team with no losses (at least in the beginning of the year) doesn’t happen much in the top 10. To me that makes these polls both thoughtless and useless. When I think of my top 10 teams, […]

College Football Week 1 Review

As week one begins to come to a conclusion (I am writing this before Louisville and Florida State play for deadline purposes) lets look back on what  transpired over the first 48 hours of action to begin the season.
1)       Unlike many who are questioning can Alabama three peat after that performance, I have a […]

College Football Week 10 Review

Let’s get this out first. Yes I had Alabama running the table. I’ll own up to it, I was wrong. Does that mean if we had a playoff system I think Alabama would not win the National Championship? Not necessarily. I think they would still be the favorite. But too many people just move on […]

College Football Week 10 Review

I walked away with a different perspective then some after watching 12 hours of college football Saturday. I see the national media picking at these four teams individually. It was said that it was 15 times more likely that all four teams lost once then all four going undefeated. The problems with statistics are they […]

College Football Week 9 Review

All week we heard reports of a potential perfect storm heading up the coast. After Saturday I think the NCAA has their own potential perfect storm brewing. Four teams came out of the weekend with a legitimate claim at the number one position in the country. Most years this problem takes care of itself with […]

College Football Week 7 Review

No less then six teams scored 50 or more points Saturday in Big 12 conference games. There were a total of 48 touchdowns scored in these games and only 47 punts. It seems like many teams, but especially teams from the big 12 have turned to this run and gun style of play where they […]

College Football Week 6 Review

The first BCS standings will be released later today. And while there is little doubt who will sit at number one, the debate begins for all of the remaining teams to make their claim for that invaluable number two spot. Alabama will sit at the top. Although there were more popular feature games yesterday, I […]

College Football Week 6 Revew

Bittersweet…It’s already the beginning of the 7th week in College football. This past week was moving week. Some moving into the National Championship picture and some moving out. Florida State are you kidding me?  North Carolina State lost the previous week to Miami who got destroyed by Notre Dame Saturday night. There are no excuses […]



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