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Phillies Are A Communication Mess

Let’s start off with two cups and a string. Maybe that will allow the Phillies’ brass and their players to communicate a little better.

“As long as he feels like that he’s healthy and can pitch and things [and] the doctor says he’s healthy, then we got to send him back out there,” Charlie Manuel said […]

Only Took Ten Minutes To Prove Another Manuel Gaffe

The Phils are at risk of getting swept by the Cincinnati Reds tonight because of a questionable decision by Charlie Manuel to stay with Phillippe Aumont in the resumption of yesterday’s game.
Aumont was called into the game last night to pitch the bottom of the 9th inning with the score tied a 0-0. After play […]

Philadelphia’s Chance To Get A Good Look At Phillippe Aumont

Charlie Manuel has made yet another dumb managerial decision.
Last night in a 0-0 game at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Manuel put Phillippe Aumont in to pitch the bottom of the 9th inning, rather than multi-million dollar set-up man Mike Adams.
We never got to see what Aumont would do against Zack Cozart, Joey Votto, […]

Phillies Continue To Roll, But They Haven’t Been Tested, Yet

After almost 30 games played in this 2011 baseball season, the Phillies, by just their record alone, are one of the best teams in baseball.
At 20-9, they own the top record in the National League and are tied with the Cleveland Indians of all teams for the best in Major League Baseball.
As expected, the pitching […]

Who Said The Braves Are Better Than The Phillies?

Last year, the Phillies finished with 97 wins and just missed making their third straight World Series.
In the offseason, Ruben Amaro, Jr. compiled arguably the best pitching staff on paper in the history of baseball. Not to mention, the squad was returning with a great lineup like it always has.
But for some reason, a lot […]

Phillies Fans Had Good Reason To Boo Hamels

Booing has been a specific practice in Philadelphia sports for decades.
It goes all the way back to the Joe Kuharich days of coaching the Eagles at the legendary Franklin Field. Fans would shout “Joe Must Go.” Thus, the so called negative ritual has been a main stay in the history of Philadelphia sports for generations.
As […]

It’s Time For Phillies To Make A Move To Get Michael Young

Ruben Amaro Jr. didn’t become a popular general manager in this city by just going through the motions and doing nothing to contribute to the Phillies continued success post 2008.
He got on the fans “good side” by being an aggressive general manager, making block buster moves left and right every single year he has been […]

Werth’s Mouth, Utley’s Knee, And Brown’s Swing

As exactly one week of spring training games have gone in the books, there has been three different hot button issues regarding the Phillies that people all over town have talked about.
They’re Jayson Werth’s allegedly making more comments regarding his former squad, Chase Utley’s patellar tendonitis injury and the continued struggles of Domonic Brown. […]

Jayson Werth Not Sounding Happy With The Money And The Nationals

Remember that kid in elementary school that got basically everything he ever wanted and it still wasn’t enough for him?
Well that’s Jayson Werth, only several years older.
Apparently getting overpaid with a seven-year contract for $126 million is not sufficient for his needs, even if it is with the lowly Washington Nationals. His comments […]

Brown Or Francisco? What About Neither or Both?

Despite most of the key players having a down year in 2010, it’s no secret that on paper the Phillies own one of the most potent, if not best lineup in baseball.
From top to bottom it has just about every type of player. There’s speed with Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino, power with Ryan […]



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