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Eagles Dominate The Cowboys


This was the Eagles best game of the season.  They won by the score of 33-10 in front a national audience in Dallas, but it could have easily been much worse if the Birds had put the ball in the end zone at a higher percentage when they got in the Red Zone.  The inefficiency [...]

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Eagles Defensive Front Must Stop Dallas “Stretch Run”


One of the key battles in Thursday’s game will be the Eagles defensive front versus the Dallas Cowboys “Stretch Run” with DeMarco Murray carrying the football.  You will see Murray get the football while running laterally toward the sideline.
The Dallas offensive line tries to get the defensive front moving laterally as they push them off [...]

Eagles Will Upset Packers This Weekend


I think the Eagles will beat the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.   The Packers aren’t a great football team.  They’re good, but not dominant, unless you give them points by going to sleep on Aaron Rodgers and their receivers.  The victory will make them the talk of the National Football League, so I encourage [...]

Should We Emphasize The Eagles Record Or Poor Play?


What should you emphasize?  Should you emphasize the fact that this team is two yards from being undefeated or do you emphasize the fact that this team isn’t far from being 2-3.  As currently constructed this isn’t a dominant football team on the offensive side of the ball or the defensive side of the ball. [...]

The NFL Finally Did The Right Thing To Ray Rice

Ray Rice, Janay Rice


For over 20 years, I have been a volunteer assistant to the Chaplain at the Youth Study Center in Philadelphia, which incarcerates youngsters who have gotten in trouble with the law and are awaiting their trial.  Every other week, I would go to the center and take a four-minute highlight reel CD of my NFL [...]

Nick Foles Learned An Important Lesson, Yesterday


In the press box at Lincoln Financial Field many of the reporters, who cover the Philadelphia Eagles were saying quarterback Nick Foles had that “deer in the headlights” look about him.  It had everybody in the stadium talking about last year’s Dallas Cowboys game.  His play was flat-out pathetic in the first half.  Still in [...]

The Eagles Own The NFC East


I can’t guarantee that the Eagles will be a better football team this year than they were a year ago, because the injury factor was so kind to them in the 2013 season, there’s no surety that it will be the same in 2014.  I do feel confident about them winning the division.  I think [...]

Eagles Offense Must Stay Healthy


I’ve got to give it to Chip Kelly, it appears that his offense is still ahead of NFL defenses and he hasn’t pulled everything out of his bag, yet.  Kelly puts his offensive players in position to adjust before and during the play to make it nearly impossible for the defense to make all the [...]

Cris Carter Educates Eagles Rookie WR Jordan Matthews


On Tuesday night June 24 , 2014 at the Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio, two NFL Hall of Famers former Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter and Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle talked about how they were able to have such outstanding careers in the NFL.
Carter was very candid in his discussion [...]

My Early Take On Eagles 2014 Draft


This year’s group of Eagles rookies is very impressive from an intelligence and character standpoint.  I sat and listened to each of them when they addressed the media for the first time and I was tremendously impressed.  I expect them to make an impact immediately because I can see that Chip Kelly and his staff [...]

Nate Allen on Aaron Rodgers

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Trent Cole on Rodgers’ Abilities

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Jeremy Maclin on Sanchez 2

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Nick Foles Highlights

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LeSean McCoy Highlights

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