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Flyers Wise Not To Overpay For Matt Carle And Jaromir Jagr

Breakups can be difficult, especially when they are with someone you’ve been with for quite some time or someone you have admired for years. Emotional heartstrings can be tugged and dismay could ensue.
But in the end, sometimes the best option for both parties is to just walk away and move on.
No matter how bitter the […]

Utley’s Return Could Be The Phillies’ Turning Point

“There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s plenty of time. I know some people have given up on me and there’s some people that have given up on this team but I’ll be the first one to tell you that I definitely haven’t given up on myself and I know our guys haven’t given […]

Flyers Still Win Richards, Carter Trades

For the Flyer fans that could actually stomach watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday night, it was an all-too familiar (and sour) feeling of not seeing the Orange and Black play for hockey’s richest prize on its grandest stage.
But this year, the taste even more bitter than usual. On one hand, […]

Flyers Have Helped The Penguins Ruin Their Reputation

Last February, after a brawl-filled game on Long Island that saw his Penguins and the New York Islanders rack up 346 penalty minutes, Pens legend and owner Mario Lemieux released a statement in which he said the contest “was a travesty” and that “it was painful to watch the game I love turn into a […]

The Keys To The Flyers Success Vs. The Penguins In Series

Shots have been fired. Lines have been crossed. Messages have been sent. Mud has been slung. The pot has been stirred. And all this was during the last few weeks of the regular season.
Oh baby, get ready, Pennsylvania.
The commonwealth is about to be set on fire by an apocalyptic hockey battle as the Flyers will […]

The Effect Of Matt Cain’s Deal On Cole Hamel Negotiations

The richest contract ever given to a right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball history was signed earlier this week. Can you guess who signed it? Roy Halladay? Nope, try again.
Reigning American League Cy Young Award winner and MVP Justin Verlander? Get to the back of the line. Former World Series MVP Josh Beckett? Not even […]

Penalty Missed, As Flyers Get Shutout In San Jose, 1-0

The Flyers’ offense laid a dud late Tuesday night and, for the second time on their four game western swing, the team was shut out, this time 1-0 by a reeling Sharks team at the Shark Tank in San Jose.
While the offensive effort was certainly discouraging, the new look defensive corps was solid and beleaguered […]

Marian Gaborik’s Goal Could Permanently Wound The Flyers

If there is anything that Flyer fans have learned about Ilya Bryzgalov throughout the course of his rollercoaster first season in Orange and Black it’s that his game is all about confidence. When he is confident, he is a top-flight netminder that is incredibly tough to beat. When he isn’t confident, it isn’t pretty.
Well, the […]

The Flyers Need A Physical Defenseman

For whatever reason, Flyer fans don’t want to talk about how well the team has played, the team’s impressive offensive stats, Claude Giroux’s MVP caliber season, or how remarkable the team’s rookies have been.
Unfortunately, the focus of Flyer fans’ ire has been pinpointed on goaltending, like usual. Ilya Bryzgalov this, Sergei Bobrovsky that. Inconsistency here, […]

With Girioux Out, It’s Time For JVR To Step It Up

During last season’s short but eventful playoff run, chants of “J-V-R! J-V-R! J-V-R!” thundered throughout the Wells Fargo Center as the forward who goes by those initials dominated Sabres and Bruins defenders and made them look like they were still in their local Peewee league. The Flyers’ highly touted power forward had finally claimed his […]



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