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Next Up: Luke Kuechly May Prove To Be A Fit In Philly

Take a look at all the mock drafts. Keep watch of all the Top 20 scouting lists and chances are you’re likely to find Luke Kuechly’s name comfortable concluded as being a mid-first round pick.
For the 2011 Dick Butkus award winner, the scouting report seems to be clear. Instinct, instinct, instinct is the name of […]

Sorting Out The Eagles’ Draft Possibilities: Candidate #1 Zach Brown

Whenever an NFL season ends in as disappointing a fashion, the needs of any particular team are usually evident, if not obvious. Such is the case for Philadelphia for whom the issues game after game appeared to be repetitive and glaring. That being said, with the College season long gone and the April draft around […]

How Should We Take This Eagles Season Out Of The Playoffs?

“Too little, too late.” A bit much cliche? Maybe. Overused? Perhaps, but try and find four words better suited to describe these past few weeks, and you’ll likely end up right where you’ve started, ready to face the facts. From start to finish, the Eagles were the better team in Dallas on Christmas Eve. They […]

Eagles Successfully Taking On Mission Impossible, So Far

At (1-4) things were looking like a disaster. At (3-4) there was reason for optimism. At (3-6) it was definitely all over, yet at 6-8 there’s still life? Apparently so, and while being (6-8) after 14 games is hardly worthy of any praise, the Eagles have essentially risen from the grave, again, with the Giants’ […]

One Play Epitomizes The Season For The Eagles Defense

Week 14 is coming upon us, and with it, thoughts of how the Eagles will perform in their match up vs. the Dolphins. In spite of however much we desire to look forward though, innately, those same thoughts bring back memories of last week and the hopes and aspirations for the previous game juxtaposed to […]

Eagles’ Retreat: A Matter Of Breaking What Was Fixed

It seems like a pipe dream now, like wishful thinking at best, or like a foolish thought at worst. Perhaps it may be hard to remember after the mental knockout delivered on Sunday, but there were actual reasons to believe that a Philly resurgence was not just coming, but imminent.
McCoy was running wild, the wide-nine […]

Somebody Please Explain Why Asomugha Wasn’t On Fitzgerald?

For a team that has not just fallen, but has disastrously crashed short of expectations, it may have been said that the Eagles have no right to turn their noses up at any opponent, fair enough. On the other hand, for a team that has the talent of contenders, the record of league minnows, and […]

What The Win Over Dallas Could Mean For The Eagles Season

Coming from a bye, fresh off an encouraging win against the Redskins, and at home against a Dallas team that has had their own share of late game issues this year, we could have always fancied the Eagles to be a dangerous team on Sunday night. What we actually ended up watching was not just […]

Eagles 3rd Down Defense A Big Reason For Optimism

Forget the fact that the offense put up zero points in the second half. Forget the fact that Rex Grossman reminded us that he’s Rex Grossman, and definitely forget the fact that Vince Young reminded us that he’s Vince Young. Remember this however, on Sunday the defense came to play, and it is in large […]

Eagles Debut New Balanced Offensive Game Plan

It’s over, it is finally over. The four-game losing streak has been put to bed and the Eagles are back to their winning ways. Despite the fact they allowed a team to comeback after being dominant in the early stages, again, there are a lot of positives to take away from this division win against […]



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