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Around The NBA: How Far Can Denver’s Depth Take Them?

In the George Karl era, the Denver Nuggets have seemingly always been an enigma. Led by a coach with the basketball philosophy of a team being greater than the sum of its parts, with emphasis on ball movement, shrewd defense, and not necessarily deep, but strict rotations. Contrary to the win-by-committee ideology of Karl, Nugget head coach […]

Around The NBA: Will The Return Of Derrick Rose Make Chicago Contenders?

With barely a whimper, the NBA’s trade deadline has come and gone. With most all teams content to stand pat and wait and see what impact returning pieces (Danny Granger), late-blooming seasons (Los Angeles, Dallas, Brooklyn), and the financial constraints of the CBA’s now imposing luxury tax will have, the biggest waves resulting from the […]

Around The NBA: Wade’s Rest Will Benefit Miami In The Long-Run

At the risk of stating what you already know, LeBron James has won a championship. Seemingly overnight, he has wrapped his third MVP season up with a bow and exercised most all of his “clutch gene” demons and gone from sports culture pariah to grounded family man who still has enough of a hairline to make […]

Around The NBA: Mike D’Antoni Faces Uphill Battle In LA

Five games into the 2012-13 season, the landscape of basketball in Los Angeles changed dramatically as Mike Brown was relieved of his coaching duties by the Laker organization. That appears to be a very polite way of saying Mike Brown got canned. The Laker PR department seems dead set on saying that this drastic, yet […]

NBA Season Preview: The Northwest Division

Denver Nuggets: There’s no denying that the Nuggets will continue to have one of the most dynamic and entertaining offenses in the league and George Karl’s teams have always been notorious for their depth and reliance, almost to a fault, on a 12 man rotation. The Nugget’s ability to turn the corner will be determined […]

2012 NBA Season Preview: The Central Division

The Central Division finds even its top teams in a state of transition.
Chicago Bulls: The championship hopes this team had last season were shattered in an instant when Derrick Rose drove to the basket during what some would consider garbage time of a first round victory over the Sixers and tore his ACL. While perhaps […]

NBA Season Preview: The Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks: Let’s not mince words, the championship window for the Dallas Mavericks has closed as quickly as it opened and will be shut for the foreseeable future. Those title hopes were dashed as soon as the Mavs let Tyson Chandler, the very engine of their newfound defense, and J.J. Barea walk.The plan was, of course, […]

NBA Preview: The Pacific Division

Los Angeles Lakers: To get the obvious out of the way,the Lakers have improved a great deal this offseason and will certainly be legitimate contenders for the Larry O’Brien trophy, as they continue to prove that the draft is for squares. The one thing I will say that may raise some eyebrows is that I don’t […]

NBA Free Agency Retrospective: The Atlantic Division

With the dust finally settling after Dwight Howard’s monumental and long drawn out move to Los Angeles, it is at last safe to look back on the madness that was this summer’s free agency period and speculate how teams will stack up this coming season. Being that I’m likely as biased as the rest of […]

NBA Finals Preview: OKC Will Trump Miami’s Big Three

The NBA Finals are finally upon us and, as many expected during this condensed season, youth has risen to the top. In a battle of elemental fundamentals, the much scrutinized Miami Heat will have their second shot at raising a banner in the East, while the ever-maturing and largely adored Oklahoma City Thunder will represent […]



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