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Clarity In The Tatum Controversy

Deadspin’s assault last fall on the reputation of former Inquirer sports writer Kevin Tatum turns out to have been wrong and poorly researched.

We learned this week that the plagerism accusation against Tatum that was posted by Deadspin in November, which had Tatum stealing a blog regarding Villanova basketball and claiming the information enclosed as his own, was at the very least […]

Five Misconceptions National Broadcasters Have About Philly

Shortly before the Sixers became ice cold, the NBA saw to it that the Sixers get some national TV time in March. I look forward to hearing the national perspective on the 76ers however, I dread the overused clichés and into commercial video montages that come with it.

As a native Philadelphian it gets old […]

Takeru Kobayshi Shatters Wing Bowl Record By Eating 337 Wings

94 WIP’s Wing Bowl XX took place this morning and the world’s greatest eater Takeru Kobayashi set an astonishing new record by eating 337 wings to win the contest going away.  After the event Kobayashi told through his interpreter, “I could probably eat another 100 wings or so.  Not really fast, I’d have to […]

Is Twitter A Reliable Media Source, Despite Mistakes?

Was I surprised that Joe Paterno’s death was published early? No, timeliness is a key element of journalism and unfortunately in this case, it overshadowed that of the truth.
The source of the tweet was from Penn State run newspaper “Onward State.” The tweet pronounced Joe Paterno dead, but his last breathes were yet to be […]

Tebowmania Is Really About The Religious, Political And Cultural Divide

I know many of you have wondered what and why all the hype about Tim Tebow.  You’re wondering what Tebowmania is really about. Why do so many people love him and why do so many other people hate him?
It’s about football, yes, but it’s more about the religious, political and cultural battle that’s going on […]

Eagles-Ravens Game Draws Great TV Ratings

The Eagles made the biggest splash in the free agency pool and they have already been rewarded by it with a tremendous television audience for their first game of the pre-season. Their game against the Baltimore Ravens on 6ABC received a stunning 18.5 rating, according to The Neilson Company.
If you thought the Phillies were […]

Top Ten Sports Network Theme Songs Of All-Time

This is a list of the top 10 Network Theme songs of all time, meaning the songs that open broadcast of major sporting events, that eliminates songs like Whoop There It Is from the 93 Phillies and the Chicago Bulls Warm-up song of the 90’s, this list is a list of the most epic opening/into […]

Terrell Owens Is Shopping A Sitcom Titled 8 & 1 To TV Networks

According to, former Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens is pitching a situation comedy titled 8 & 1. It would star Owens as an NFL player who is getting near the end of his career and he lives with his four children and the women who had them. No this isn’t supposed to […]

Talk Show Host Contest Is A Bad Sign For Future Of Sports Media

In a strong union city such as Philadelphia, it is astonishing that there isn’t an inflatable rat toy outside the 97.5 FM the fanatic studios in Bala Cynwyd. Any broadcasting job is a trained skill, it requires 2-4 years of expensive schooling, and the “Fanatic” is holding a contest to “give” away an on air […]

Flyers Also Release Goaltending Prospect Riopel

By random chance, I had lunch on Friday with someone that works in the scouting office for an NHL team and I brought up the fact that the Flyers had released a goaltending prospect (referring to Joacim Eriksson).
They replied, “Riopel?” which threw me for a loop, to say the least. Talking further, they indicated that […]



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