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Enough With Ed Rendell, Already

Old school journalist complain that “bloggers” are ruining their profession. My response to them would be whipping out today’s back page of the Daily News and simply show them it.
A south Philly little league baseball game is a more intriguing story than Ed Rendell interviewing Andy Reid. Both men are wizards when it comes […]

DeSean Jackson Takes West Coast – East Coast Test

Eagles star wide receiver DeSean Jackson who grew up in Long Beach and attended Long Beach Poly like Chase Utley and Winston Justice took a test for his cultural ties, whether they be East Coast versus West Coast. Jackson calls himself Westside on twitter feed.
97.5 talk show host Tim McManus asked Jackson a number […]

Is Charlie Sheen Headed Off Of A Cliff? Video

Charlie Sheen has made millions as an entertainer on television and in the movies. He’s been idolized, pursued by beautiful women and hooked on drugs. The drugs and his success have convinced him that he can handle the drugs use. Sheen doesn’t even think he needs any help, he says he healed […]

Jeffrey & Christina Lurie Win An Oscar For Best Documentary

Congratulations to Eagles owners Jeffrey and Christina Lurie. Their documentary movie “Inside Job” which was about the cause of the country’s financial collapse won the Oscar for the best documentary.
They released a statement after the victory at the Oscars. “The Academy’s recognition of Inside Job is a distinct honor. We are […]

Which Movie Should Get The Best Movie Oscar?

This Sunday night the Academy of Motion Pictures will hand out their Oscars and the entire nation will be watching. One of the most prestigious awards will be for best picture. I’ve read articles which have intimated that “The King’s Speech” will be taking on “The Social Network” for best picture, but we’ve […]

Holy Family Coach John O’Connor Did Nothing Wrong To Mark Kravchuk

I would imagine by now you have heard about and seen what happened at the Holy Famliy University practice. Coach John O’Connor accidentally pushed one of the youngsters, Mark Kravchuk, and the young mad fell on the court. O’Connor lightly kicked him when he was on the ground. Now Kravchuk and his […]

The King’s Speech Is A Down To Earth Movie About Courage

I had three or four people tell me I should go to see the movie “The King’s Speech” which is a favorite to win an Oscar or two. I didn’t want to check it out because I never liked learning much about the royals of England. They came across like they thought they […]



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