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Panthers Sean McDermott Is Very Impressive

If I was Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, I would have given the head coaching job to Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott this morning after his interview with Anthony Gargano on the 97.5 The Fannatic. He sounded like just what the doctor ordered.
He would set up standards for what it means to be a Philadelphia Eagle. […]

Report: Eagles Pursuing Bears OC Adam Gase

There’s a report in the that the Eagles are eagerly pursuing Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase. He’s credited with getting Bears quarterback Jay Cutler back on track.  Gase worked with Peyton Manning in Denver for the previous three years.
Gase is regarded as a great quarterback coach.  Bringing him in to Philadelphia could mean […]

Jeffrey Lurie Makes The Right Move – Fires Chip Kelly

I thought Jeffrey Lurie was going to let Chip Kelly survive for another year, but he must have talked to coaches around the NFL and figured out that the head coach was in over his head.   Lurie made a huge mistake when he gave Kelly the authority of a General Manager.  There’s no question […]

Reports: Eagles Cutting Down To 53, Tim Tebow May Be A Casualty

The Eagles have to be down to a 53-man roster by 4pm today, Saturday September 5th.  The blade has been swinging viciously because the clock is moving and headed to 4pm.  There have been reports that Tim Tebow may be released by the Birds.
There was a report that he was seen last night at the […]

Would Chip Kelly Be Interested In Robert Griffin III?

Hey Eagles fans, if something happens in your life that discourages you, all you need to do is think about the Washington Redskins and you can be thankful that they’re in the same division as the Eagles.  The Redskins wouldn’t win the NFC East if they were playing in it all by their selves.
There is […]

Chip Kelly Is Building An Offensive Monster

It was Chip Kelly’s running game, that set him apart from other head coaches when he was at Oregon.  His running attack featured the read option and zone option concepts, which utilized the quarterback in the running scheme.  Of course the no huddle tempo was also a key aspect of his offense. Now he has added […]

Is Chip Kelly Far Enough Ahead Of The NFL To Win A Title?

There’s no question that Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is ahead of the NFL with his hurry-up offense.  His offense has been amongst the best in the league despite mediocre quarterback play, but can Kelly win a Super Bowl during this stretch of three or four years.
Since his arrival in the NFL, Kelly has added west […]

Billy Davis Weighs In on Suggs Hit On Sam Bradford

Yesterday, Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis talked about the ongoing controversy regarding when a defensive player can hit a quarterback running an option play and when he can’t.   I know you may think this has been talked about enough, but it’s going to prove to be very important in the future of the NFL.
First […]

What They Saying About The Eagles

Eagles Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters has been impressed with what he has seen from Sam Bradford, so far this training camp.  Peters tells Bob Grotz of that Sam Bradford’s passing release reminds him of Aaron Rodgers.
“It’s effortless. I mean, it shoots out of his hand like a cannon. The guy has an […]

How Much Time Does Chip Kelly Have To Win Big?

It started out with Michael Vick catching the snap from center, as Chip Kelly debuted his no-huddle offense against the Washington Redskins a few years ago.  Vick was launching missiles downfield to the speedy DeSean Jackson, and on other plays, he was handing the ball off to mercurial running back LeSean McCoy during that exciting […]



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