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Eagles Should Draft Jack Conklin And Not Ronnie Stanley

I know most of the experts have been touting the abilities of Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley as the second-rated offensive tackle in the upcoming draft, but I’m confident that Michigan State’s Jack Conklin fits the Eagles better.  I think the Birds should make Conklin their guy with the eighth pick.
Stanley is the more […]

OT’s Conklin and Decker Are Possibilities For Birds

The signing of Sam Bradford almost guarantees that the Birds will select an offensive lineman with their first round draft pick this year.  Drafting offensive linemen with your top picks was something Doug Pederson’s mentor Andy Reid made a habit of doing.  I expect Pederson to emulate that model by selecting an offensive lineman, who […]

Eagles Jason Peters Says He’s Still The Man

Eagles left offensive tackle Jason Peters made the Pro Bowl this year, but that wasn’t because of the way he played.  He struggled and was hampered by injuries most of the year.  He was even accused of taking himself out of a game because he didn’t want to play for Chip Kelly any more.
Peters denied […]

Eagles Offensive Line Must Rebound After Poor Performance

It’s amazing how the Eagles offensive line played so well against the Cowboys, but were awful in their performance against the Dolphins.  The NFL is a battle each and every week, so you can’t get too excited about good games and too down about bad games.  The Birds offensive line has to learn from the […]

Chip Kelly Says He Has The Right Players And The Right Scheme

We can all see the Eagles aren’t getting the job done.  Head coach Chip Kelly still believes he’s employing the right scheme and he’s got the right players, trying to execute it.  Of course he’s the guy who thought up the scheme and he’s also the same guy who picked all the players.  Right now […]

It’s Simple, Eagles Wanted The Game More Than The Jets

Before the Eagles season began, I was talking with some of the Eagles offensive linemen and they were talking about how “Tempo” was going to play a big part in their success.  Of course you know “Tempo is Chip Kelly’s hurry up offensive scheme.  “Tempo” worked during the preseason when nobody game-planned for the Eagles […]

Eagles Offensive Line Must Get Back To Their Fundamentals

It’s true that defenses have been able to anticipate what the Eagles are running, but it isn’t the main reason the Birds have had so much trouble running the football.  They’ve had trouble blocking stunts which my high school used to run.  The players, especially the Eagles offensive line haven’t been playing at a National […]

Eagles Broke The Continuity Rule Of Good Offensive Line Play

One of the fundamentals of NFL offensive football is the fact that offensive lines play better the longer they play together.  Offensive lines need time together to learn each others idiosyncrasies.  Even average offensive linemen can be a part of outstanding offensive lines if they play together for extending periods of time.
Many times great offensive […]

Eagles Have Defenders Living In Their Backfield

Everybody is wondering about what happened to the Eagles prolific running game.  It was fairly simple after looking at the game tape.   The Eagles blockers took turns letting Dallas defenders knife through the blocking and deep into the offensive backfield.  They had no answer for it. The defenders are stunting, which means moving along […]

Eagles Must Establish Their Running Game To Protect Sam Bradford

The Eagles offensive line must play better today than they did on Monday night, but there are some troubling issues confronting the guys upfront.  The Eagles offense is a “run first” offense.  If the Eagles can’t run the football,  they aren’t very good at protecting their quarterback.
Sam Bradford got hit far too many times on […]



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