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Surprise!!! Ryan Mathews Is Hurt Again!!!

I told you that keeping Sam Bradford, Ryan Mathews, Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks healthy were the keys to this season and before the Eagles could all even get to training camp one of those four is injured.  Mathews, who I believe may be able to improve the team more than any of the others, […]

Wendell Smallwood Fits The West Coast Offense

I thought rookie Wendell Smallwood stood out yesterday in the Eagles workout by catching 10 to 15 passes coming out of the backfield.  The youngster from Wilmington has got some soft hands as a ball catcher, especially for a running back.  The rookie seems very sure handed when the ball in thrown to him.
In this […]

Darren Sproles Not Here, No Problem

There are two Eagles players not attending this week’s voluntary workouts.  One of Fletcher Cox, who is working on a huge contract with the Birds, so understand why he’s not here and it’s not a big deal.  The reason why the other guy, Darren Sproles, was still not here wasn’t as clear, so Birds head […]

Eagles Get Talented Wendell Smallwood Because of His Mistake

West Virginia running back Wendell Smallwood was still sitting on the board in the fifth round because of some trouble he had been in a couple of years ago.  While in high school, he was accused of witness-tampering in a murder case.
I think the young man made the mistake of hanging around the wrong people […]

Ezekiel Elliott Will Be Visiting The Nova Care Center Soon

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott was being interviewed on the NFL Network yesterday and he let the audience know that he’s going to be visiting the Nova Care Complex in the near future.
“I’m lucky to be in this situation, and I’ll be happy with whoever drafts me,” Elliott said.
The Eagles could use a running […]

Eagles Sign A Fullback

Fullbacks have become nearly extinct in today’s NFL.  Many teams in the league don’t even carry a fullback, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has made it clear that he likes to utilize a fullback in his offense.
They already had Trey Burton on the roster and he may be able to play the fullback position, but […]

Is Howie Roseman Serious About Ezekiel Elliot?

If you were to believe every word that Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman was saying yesterday, you would believe that the Birds are sold on draft running back Ezekiel Elliot in the first round.  On the other hand, Roseman may be trying to reel in a sucker or he simply wants to keep other teams […]

Should The Eagles Take Ezekiel Elliot at Number 8?

I was very impress3ed with Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliot during the Ohio State Pro Day last week.  We all know about his tremendous explosive through a hole and into the secondary.. He didn’t run the 40-yard dash in the Pro Day workout, so it wasn’t his speed that impressed me.
They split him out in the […]

Battle Over The LeSean McCoy Case Heats Up On WIP

Everybody expected former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy to be arrested a couple of days after he was involved in a bar fight in Center City Philadelphia with some of his NFL buddies and three off duty police officers at a late night bar.   The fight happened on the night of the Super Bowl, […]

DeMarco Murray Brought A Bad Habit From Dallas

I’ve heard a lot of people wonder aloud why DeMarco Murray would approach Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie with complaints about not getting enough carries and playing time.  That’s unusual for us here in the Philadelphia area, but it happens all the time down in Dallas with Jerry Jones as the owner.
I think it’s best for […]



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