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Notes From The Phillies’ 7-2 Loss To Washington

The Philadelphia Phillies lost their sixth straight game on Friday night, falling to the Nationals 7-2. Their record drops to 3-8.
On The Mound

Sean O’Sullivan made his second start of the season, and lasted just five innings while allowing four runs. 
O’Sullivan gave up three runs in the first inning. He allowed five hits, two walks, and […]

Ubaldo Jimenez Would Have Been A Better Signing For The Phils

Jimenez would have been a better signing for the Phillies. Younger, cheaper and for more years; so whyis he taking the mound at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and not CBP?
Ubaldo Jimenez signed a four year deal with the Baltimore Orioles. At 12 million a season, the 30 year old right hander is young enough […]

Baseball Writers Looked The Other Way When They Could Have Protected The Game

Do you remember the summer of 1998 when the nation’s sportswriters were fawning over Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa.  Baseball had been suffering from the strike of 1994-5 and needed something to bring it back.  According to the baseball writers of America, McGuire and Sosa were legitimate American Super Heroes.
I didn’t read about them using […]

Former Phillies Ace Curt Schilling Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

It’s Hall of Fame time in Major League Baseball and that brings us to a familiar name around these parts, Curt Schilling.  I think Schilling is without question a sure Hall Of Famer, but he might not get in the first time.
He has a great regular season resume, but his post season exploits make him […]

Should Rollins Be Criticized For Going On Paternity Leave?

Phillies’ shortstop Jimmy Rollins has left the team on Monday to be with his wife Johari as she gave birth to their first child. A new rule in Major League Baseball’s Collective Bargaining Agreement allows players to temporarily leave their teams for situations like this. In such circumstances, the player is given a maximum of […]

Ryan Howard Is Ahead Of Schedule As He Works Out In Clearwater

Ryan Howard may be back on the field before everybody had predicted.  I think he’s still going to miss at least a month of the season, but he’s definitely well ahead of schedule.
Yesterday he was working out with the other Phillies who are at their training facility in Clearwater, Florida.  He did a little running, […]

Senator Bob Casey Writes Letter To Nationals Owner Concerning Phillies Fans

Most of the citizens of the state of Pennsylvania have no idea who U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. is.  I don’t know anything that he’s done of significance since he’s been in office.  He’s what you call an empty suit who got elected because of his father, who was formerly a major politician in the […]

Marlins Talking Big During OffSeason

Don’t look now, but the Miami Marlins could be making a splash this off-season? Jose Reyes joined team owner, Jeffrey Loria and Ozzie Gullien for lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab Wednesday afternoon, to talk baseball.
Reyes with not the first premiere ball player the Fish have dined with. Just days before giving Reyes a tour of […]

Phillies Decline Options On Oswalt & Lidge

The Phillies made their first significant moves of their offseason today, declining club options on starting pitcher Roy Oswalt and reliever Brad Lidge.
Oswalt was due to make $16 million, and Lidge was set to take in $12.5 million. The Phillies will instead pay the two former Astros buyouts of $2 million and $1.5 million respectively. […]

Phillies Season Ends In Utter Disgrace

The 2011 Phillies  won a franchise record 102 games in the regular season. They finished the regular season with the best record in baseball. They assembled one of the strongest pitching staffs in modern history. They even pulled off a blockbuster trade at the July deadline to acquire the righthanded power bat that their offense […]



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