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NBA Title Is Totally Up For Grabs

When I look at this year’s NBA playoffs, I don’t see a team that has stood tall like a clear cut champion.  In past years, San Antonio or Miami made it clear early that they were going to take it, but this year isn’t the case.  The Spurs are sitting at home and LeBron’s Cav’s […]

Around The NBA: Mike D’Antoni Faces Uphill Battle In LA

Five games into the 2012-13 season, the landscape of basketball in Los Angeles changed dramatically as Mike Brown was relieved of his coaching duties by the Laker organization. That appears to be a very polite way of saying Mike Brown got canned. The Laker PR department seems dead set on saying that this drastic, yet […]

NBA Season Preview: The Southwest Division

Dallas Mavericks: Let’s not mince words, the championship window for the Dallas Mavericks has closed as quickly as it opened and will be shut for the foreseeable future. Those title hopes were dashed as soon as the Mavs let Tyson Chandler, the very engine of their newfound defense, and J.J. Barea walk.The plan was, of course, […]

The Ascent Of Stan Van Gundy

Stan Van Gundy is a man who has made mistakes. Clearly, this blanket statement alone proves me worthy of NBA analysis. Clearly, I’m hoping you pick up on my sarcasm. The now deposed coach of the Orlando Magic is now on the job hunt like most of America seems to be these days and joining […]

Win Over Lakers Shows The Continued Growth Of The Sixers

So this is what we were waiting for right? To see how the Sixers would hang with the big boys. This is easily their toughest stretch of the schedule. I like to call it “Murderous Row”. Doug Collins likes to call it “Death row”, either one works for me. The Sixers are showing us what […]

Having Fun With Some NBA Picks For The Holidays

The NBA has started and most of you are off from work, so I decided to share my picks with you. I didn’t have a single losing week wagering on football college or pro this year. I only usually give my plays to my friends because I  just do not want the attention: but I […]

Is The NBA Confusing Right Now Or Is It Just Me?

Let me get this straight. So Chris Paul was traded to the Lakers. Paul Gasol is going to Houston and Lamar Odom is going to the Hornets with Kevin Martin, 2 other players and a first round draft pick.
We all know that Paul wanted out of New Orleans and wanted to be a Laker or a Knick. Then enter […]

NBA Lockout Update: 5PM Deadline Looms Large

With each passing day, the fears grow – will the NBA lockout ever end? Later today, we will have some more clarity.
At 5 p.m. another deadline will come upon the lockout. The players have rejected the latest offer from the owners, but there will be one more bargaining session today before the lockout drags out […]

The Differences Between The NFL And NBA Lockouts

There is a new air surrounding the Sixers this year. That happens when a new ownership group comes in and looks ready to change the entire culture of the organization. There’s one major problem: will there even be an NBA season?
Wisdom says, “yes, of course.” It is probably true. Everyone saw how the NFL lockout […]

Mark Cuban Tips Waiter 20K In Post Game Celebration

According to the NY Post, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban left a 20k tip for the wait staff at Miami’s Fountainebleau during the Mavs post game celebration. The total tab for the night was $110,000, the majority of the money was spent on a $90,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac Cuban bought for the Mav’s […]



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