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Temple’s Reddick and Villanova’s Kpassagnon Impress At NFL Combine

I just returned last night from Indianapolis and the 2017 NFL Combine.  I got an upclose look at much of the talent coming out in this year’s draft and there’s no question that some teams will definitely help themselves by adding these kids to their roster.   I got the opportunity to talk one-on-one with […]

I Like Lane Johnson’s Chances Of Being A Great Player

I know the selection of Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson in the first round of this year’s NFL draft was more of a risk than you usually see in the fourth pick in the first round of the NFL draft, but there are no sure things in the selection process, especially when you’re talking about […]

Thoughts On The Eagles’ 2013 Draft Class

Lane Johnson: Johnson infuses some badly needed youth, talent, and athleticism on the offensive line. I like the pick because I believe that he’s a great fit for what the Eagles will try to do under Chip Kelly, and he has a chance to be a staple on this line for years to come. The […]

How Will Zach Ertz Impact The Tight End Position?

“Big people beat up little people.”
It is probably Chip Kelly’s most colorful quote early in his coaching career with the Eagles. It is also his method for draft picks. Kelly’s first two draft picks were geared toward the trenches. Lane Johnson, the 6-foot-6, 300-pound tackle from Oklahoma and Zach Ertz, the 6-foot-5, 249 pound tight […]

Prospects For Eagles For Second Day

Okay the Eagles have Lane Johnson in house and now it’s time to add more players, who can help rebuild this team.  The second round is supposed to be the strength of his draft.  It’s supposed to be very deep and not as
West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is still on the board, but he won’t […]

Eagles Had Lane Johnson Ranked Amongst The Top Four

The Eagles got one of the four players, Oklahoma offensive tackle Lane Johnson, that they considered to be head and shoulders above the crowd.  They had Johnson rated on the same level of Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel and Dion Jordan, who were the players drafted before him.
“I don’t know what Miami thinks and I don’t […]

E. J. Manuel On Eagles Interest in Him: “They want me pretty bad”

It happened to me when I was coming out of college and I’ve heard hundreds of other NFL prospects, talk about how a team told them they were going to draft them, only to disappoint them when the team had the chance to follow through on their words.
Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel seems to be […]

Mock Draft For April 25th, 2013

I was at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama earlier this year and I stood and stared at Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher as he was kicking butts during the team practices.  I didn’t go down there to see this young offensive tackle in particular, but he stood out so much that he was […]

What Would Be The Ideal Draft For The Eagles?

I argue this Thursday is when the 2013 season truly begins. I hope Chip knows what he is in for because this, as a draft always can be a make or break year. The draft is the most important element in providing long term success for any franchise in any sport especially football. Brining in […]

With Playoffs Out Of Sight For Philadelphia, NFL Draft Approaches

Help Chip Kelly!!! Help!!!  We don’t care if you give the guys smoothies or milkshakes, you’ve got to build a winner in town.  You can have them wear heart monitors or portable lung.  We don’t care.   We want a winner.
The city of Philadelphia currently doesn’t have one playoff team amongst the four major sports.  The […]



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