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The Journey Ends Here For A Lot Of NFL Hopefuls

NFL fans throughout the nation are tired of the preseason and eager to see the 2015 regular season start next week. All the NFL teams are playing their final preseason games and deciding which 22 players to release, so they can get their roster down to the 53-man limit.
Nearly all the players who participate in […]

Finally, The NFL Lockout Is Unlocked

July 25–You would expect that any statement about an end to this current lockout to be made with some trepidation, considering the whole “Ownership betrayed us” tirade that the players went on last Friday.
And it is indeed that same tirade has seen negotiations stall to this point, this being day 132 of the NFL lockout.
However, […]

The New NFL CBA Is A Official!!! What’s Next???

Finally!!! A new CBA deal has been agreed upon. No more talks of progress being made. No longer do we have to hear or read “An anonymous source stated a vote should be made this afternoon”.
While the NFLPA proceeds to recertify as a union to continue negotiations on issues that must […]

Here’s The NFL Calendar Going Forward

Here’s the calendar which the NFL will operate by going forward. As you can see there’s going to be a lot which will happen in a short period of time.
July 25 […]

Reports: NFL Players & Owners Have Agreement In Place

According to the NFL Network and Fox Sports, the NFL players have agreed to the recent proposal by the NFL owners and some of those players will begin showing up at NFL facilities on Tuesday morning.
Jay Glazer of FoxSports was the first to make this report in the wee hours of the morning.
“Under the new […]

The NFLPA Are Under Pressure To Agree To CBA Proposal

The National Football League Players Association now have the ball. They could end the NFL lockout or prolong it.
The owners have okayed a ten-year CBA proposal and thrown it into the players laps. There’s tremendous pressure on the players to accept the proposal because NFL fans are tired of the lockout and […]

Report: Salary Cap Set With Lockout End On Horizon

The NFL and NFLPA have wrapped up yet another week of negotiations in hopes of securing a new CBA deal. The two sides issued a joint statement that they are “in a good place”.
I’m pretty sure the majority football fans are in agreement when I say “Just get the season started!!”.
According to […]

NFL Lockout Close To Ending, Rookie Wage Scale The Only Hold Up

The NFL Lockout seems close to being resolved. In recent weeks, the owners and players have been motivated by the potential loss of $200 million for every week of the preseason that is lost, and have finally begun to get serious about their negotiations, and significant progress has been made.
The only issue that needs to […]

NFL Player: “As for Goodell, he needs to drop his nuts”

Pete Prisco of talked to a current NFL player and that player called out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and he didn’t mince any words in doing it.
“Do it one-on-one like their predecessors used to do. When Gene Upshaw and Paul Tagliabue went into a room, they got it done. That’s what needs to happen […]

Are NFLPA Lawyers Kessler & Quinn Holding Up Negotiations?

CBS Sports Mike Freeman and ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio are pointing their fingers at NFLPA lawyers Jeffrey Kessler and Jim Quinn as the top two reasons the NFL owners and players don’t have a deal done and aren’t closer to getting one done.
Freeman has sources that told him Kessler and Quinn have done a good job […]



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