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NFL Week 7 Picks


Atlanta @ Baltimore
The Falcons just look mediocre. They couldn’t win against the Bears at home last week, and taking down the red-hot Baltimore offense.
Pick: Baltimore 27, Atlanta 17
Minnesota @ Buffalo
Teddy Bridgewater’s train got brutally derailed against the Lions last weekend. A road trip to Buffalo won’t help him get back on track.
Pick: Buffalo 20, Minnesota [...]

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Reflecting On The Eagles’ Bye Week


Thoughts of a 5-1 record, is it better, worse or what you projected when the schedule was released?
Question marks leading up to the season; some have been answered, yet so many others have been added to the mix.
The offense is still moving at a face pace, just not executing in all phases on a consistent [...]

Thoughts From Eagles-Giants


Eagles Start Strong And Don’t Look Back
The Eagles came out of the gates determined to put an end to their slow starts.
The Eagles’ offense got the ball first, and set the tone for the game by getting LeSean McCoy going on their way to their first points.
LeSean McCoy began his night by taking his first [...]

On Paper: Breaking Down Eagles-Giants


Nick Foles continues to make very shaky decisions with the football, and has not had a strong start to the season. Through five games, Foles has turned the ball over eight times (five picks, three fumbles) including a horrendous one in the second half that sparked the Rams’ rally last week. There have been constant [...]

NFL Week 6 Picks

Eli Manning


My Overall Record Projecting Winners: 47-31
My Record Projecting The Eagles Outcomes: 4-1
New England @ Buffalo
The Patriots showed last week that rumors of their demise had been significantly blown out of proportion. The Bills can thank Alex Henery and his three misses last week as the reason that they picked up a win. Kyle Orton is [...]

Eagles-Giants Preview


Fear, doubt and worry; summarize some of those feelings creeping up with the matchup against the New York Giants?  Is the prime time stage where the luck finally runs out for this flawed 4-1 Eagles team, and we are exposed to the entire nation?
When there is more to criticize than to have confidence about, it [...]

Isn’t Winning Everything?


You want pretty; pick some flowers, watch a sunset; because the play of the Eagles is ugly.  If it was merely about getting the “W,” the 4-1 record would having us feeling good, but we know that’s far from the truth.
The issue for most, every win could have been a loss, any lead feels far [...]

Should We Emphasize The Eagles Record Or Poor Play?


What should you emphasize?  Should you emphasize the fact that this team is two yards from being undefeated or do you emphasize the fact that this team isn’t far from being 2-3.  As currently constructed this isn’t a dominant football team on the offensive side of the ball or the defensive side of the ball. [...]

Thoughts From Eagles-Rams


Offense Bailed Out Again
The Eagles’ offense still doesn’t look right.
Nick Foles once again was very shaky throughout the game. Foles continues to make very poor decisions with the football, making throws he shouldn’t attempt, throwing off of his back foot, and putting a lot of balls up for grabs. Its getting to the point now [...]

On Paper: Breaking Down Eagles-Rams


Nick Foles comes off a poor performance against the 49ers. The young quarterback didn’t have any support from the guys around him; the offensive line, running backs, and wide receivers (save Jeremy Maclin) were all non-factors in the dismal offensive showing last week. However, Foles was far from blameless in the defeat, missing some key [...]


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Nick Foles Highlights

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LeSean McCoy Highlights

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