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Carson Wentz And Receivers Looking Impressive

There are numerous reports about Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and his receivers putting on quite a show at the Birds Saturday afternoon practice.  According to, not a ball hit the ground during the Eagles 7-on-7 pass drill, which is a battle between the Eagles offense skill position players vs the team’s defensive skill position […]

The Development Of Carson Wentz

The upcoming season and the foreseeable future of the Philadelphia Eagles are both tied to the right arm of second-year quarterback Carson Wentz. Unlike training camp in his rookie year, when Wentz was a backup to veterans Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel, this year the North Dakota State product is running the show and will […]

Carson Wentz Has Had A Great Start To His Off Season

There’s no question that during his rookie season, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz displayed many of the qualities that you look for in a franchise quarterback.
The first inner quality about Wentz that jumps out at you is his competitive spirit. He showed this aspect of his personality numerous times throughout his rookie season. You could see it […]

Carson Wentz Needs To Use His Tight Ends More Often

Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has an inclination to follow the path of Brett Favre in his confidence in his arm and the abilities of his receivers. Those are great characteristics for a quarterback, but you can’t be so daring that you jeopardize turning the ball over. One of the most consistent factors that helps […]

Carson Wentz Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Today Carson Wentz was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week in only his third game in the NFL and it was against the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers, who many feel are an AFC Super Bowl favorite.
I know the stats have been there, but it’s not just the stats that make Wentz, such an eye-catcher.
You […]

Again, Carson Wentz Was The Eagles Best Offensive Player – Podcast

After two games, Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has been their best offensive player.  Last night against the Chicago Bears, he was able to complete short throw after short throw to give them an offense early in the game.
The offensive line wasn’t able to get any push against the Bears defensive line early in the […]

Carson Wentz Does A Great Job On An Audible (Video)

The first practices Carson Wentz went through as a Philadelphia Eagles, he showed us he could force the defense to show what they were in, with an urgent snap count.  Then he showed he could audible at the line of scrimmage and change to a play that would succeed against that specific blitz being run […]

Carson Wentz On That First Drive (Video)

I’ve seen hundreds of young quarterbacks come into the National Football League and not have a clue about calling audibles at the line of scrimmage, changing the pass protection by sliding the line one way or the other.  I’ve seen many complications of quarterbacking, destroy the confidence of signal callers, as their minds lock up […]

Will Carson Wentz’ Positives Or Negatives Dominate?

The Carson Wentz Era begins in Philadelphia on Sunday and everybody is eager to find out if Wentz is capable of being a star quarterback in the NFL.  Will he be able to demonstrate to everybody that he can lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl Title?   I see numerous positives for Carson, but […]

Eagles Looking To Protect Carson Wentz Early

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson just finished his news conference and I thought he made a valuable statement that came directly from his experience as a quarterback in the National Football League.  He said if a quarterback gets hit early in a game, it stays with him throughout the entire game.  I  would concur with […]



Eagles Comeback

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Eagles – Every Fall, We Rise

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