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  • Eagles Defense Will Need To Outplay Vikings D (10)
    • mhenski: Hope ur right.
    • Eaglehaslanded: We got this. Eagles will win and get to Super Bowl LII. FLY EAGLES FLY!!!
    • CT: They blow a 17-0 lead and look very vulnerable in the second half. If not for bad luck on the...
    • CT: Mhenskie I would agree with you more, if we were on the road. I wouldn’t bet on Nick...
    • mhenski: Man wish i could see that zilents. I’m rooting hard but don’t see it at all this week. I...
  • Thoughts From Eagles-Raiders (32)
    • Eaglehaslanded: Congrats to Joel Embiid for being named an All Star Starter!
    • Eaglehaslanded: Lmao..Eagles have been kick’n ass all season long and crickets from you....
    • eagles0superbowls: What’s up Songs. You on this bandwagon? Nick Foles is facing the guy who...
    • patrik411: So if he sleep walks or wins ugly that does not count as a win?You gotta live in or...
    • haveacigar: loser songs wakes from the dead to throw some poop on an improbable run to the nfc...

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