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Eagles Comeback

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Eagles – Every Fall, We Rise

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  • Thoughts From Eagles-Chiefs (21)
    • mhenski: What dallas did was str8 dumb. Abandoned the run gAme like a bunch of morons when they...
    • haveacigar: Oh and all the talk (Vinnie) about the mean philly media– take a look at the...
    • haveacigar: then lets call it an over reaction. They are admittedly finding their rushing...
    • mhenski: He should’ve never been signed he stinks.
    • zilents44: That ratio yesterday was not fake it was very real
  • Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins (144)
    • haveacigar: He also said and you somehow ommitted it…. Kelce brings things to the run game...
    • Eaglehaslanded: Matt Lombardo’s grade for Jason Kelce in his Stock Up, Stock Down report on...
    • haveacigar: Um… you’ve not really said anything… the eagles are fine. Kelce is...
    • Eaglehaslanded: Lol, it’s as if you almost take this stuff personally. Fine, you get the...
    • haveacigar: Ok… you are just wrong… clutching on to some outdated narrative that a...

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