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Is Jeremy Lin and This Linsanity For Real?

So is everybody feeling the “Linsanity” yet? I thought the Tebow hype was insane, Lin blows him out of the water. No pun intended. I have heard some great sayings already like “Carpe Linem”, you can’t say illuminati with out saying Lin. Awesome.
I have heard that Lin has clinched the NBA’s MVP, the GOP nomination, […]

His Team’s Record Not Andre Iguodala’s Stats Has Him In The NBA All-Star Game

76ers small forward Andre Iguodala is only 81st in the league in scoring.  He is 48th in the league in rebounding, which is nothing to write home about.  Being 27th in the league in assists doesn’t normally help you make the All-Star game.  His best category is steals where he’s 11th in the league.
Does Iguodala […]

Sixers: No Need For A Trade Yet, Let Them Grow

As I am watching the Sixers lose to the Spurs 100-90 in a ugly game, Parker went off. Point guards going off seems to be a theme in Sixers losses this year, Parker, Miller and D-Will. As I am sitting watching the game I’m thinking about how people keep telling me the Sixers need to make a […]

Sixers TV Ratings Have Doubled in 2012

The Sixers are having an outstanding season both on the court and at homes throughout the Delaware Valley.  Comcast Sportsnet is reporting a major explosion in the number of sports fans thr0ughout the area who are starting to check out the 76ers.
“Sixers’ game broadcast and pre and postgame ratings on Comcast SportsNet are averaging double-digit […]

How The 2012 “Beat L.A.” Chant Started


There was 2:44 left in the 4th quarter, my friends and I sat angry, not at the Sixers, but at the fans. We sat in section 216-A in our $10 seats annoyed that so many Lakers fans (not from LA) were cheering on the Lakers in our house.

It was the first Sixers Lakers game in […]

Finally A Real Pro Basketball Team In Philly

There’s a big difference watching this 76ers team as opposed to the one we saw in 2010-11. Last year’s squad could not find ways to beat decent teams and would flounder down the stretch with the game on the line. I remember March 9th, in particular, when the Sixers blew a five point last minute […]

Win Over Lakers Shows The Continued Growth Of The Sixers

So this is what we were waiting for right? To see how the Sixers would hang with the big boys. This is easily their toughest stretch of the schedule. I like to call it “Murderous Row”. Doug Collins likes to call it “Death row”, either one works for me. The Sixers are showing us what […]

Sixers To Face Lakers Tonight Without Elton Brand

Sixers power forward Elton Brand won’t be available tonight when the Sixers battle the Los Angeles Lakers.  He injured his right thumb on Friday night against the Miami Heat, so rookie Lavoy Allen will get the start tonight in his place.
Of course playing the Lakers means dealing with the NBA’s leading scorer, Kobe Bryant.  For […]

Sixers Get Their Best Win Of The Season By Blowing Out The Bulls

I wasn’t going to write about this game. I swear I was not going to do this. Some people really love to tick me off. People love to hate on the Sixers. Okay, before I go on my rant here let me slow down for a second and give you some of my thoughts on […]

The Sixers Passed Their First Test Against The Magic, Now For The Big Boys

This is just the start of where we are going to find out what this Sixers team is made of. They are one for one so far. Next up is the Eastern Conference bests right now the Bulls. They are followed by Miami, Atlanta, Lakers, Spurs and the Clippers. You could call that “Murderous row”.
Though […]



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