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Leak Of Specific Percentages In Negotiations Signal Us That End To Lockout Is Near

I think we are going to see an end to the NFL lockout in the next two or three weeks. The fact that concrete numbers have surfaced, let’s us know there are serious talks taking place. Notice you also don’t have names of owners or negotiators from the players side surfacing. The […]

Report: NFL Labor Negotiations Are 80-85 Percent Complete

According CBS Sports Mike Freeman a source close to the NFL negotiations has told him that a labor agreement is imminent. Freeman’s source went even further than that with optimism.
“One source with intimate knowledge of the discussions tells me negotiations are 80-85 percent complete. They’ve made such fast progress, I’m told, it’s catching many […]

Reports: NFL Labor Agreement Could Be Reached In Two Or Three Weeks

There are plenty of positive reports coming out of the recent NFL owners and players negotiations, which are taking place at a secret location in the Washington, D.C. area. They say a deal could be done in the near future. When I say near future, I’m talking about a deal being completed in […]

Private Negotiations Are A Good Idea For The NFL

If the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules on behalf of the NFL owners after yesterday’s hearing, then the owners will have a strangle hold on the players. If that happens it will be just a matter of time until players start to publicly “cry the blues” and the lockout will end.
I don’t […]

Beware Of Failed Drug Test When NFL Lock Out Ends

The most common phrase from players during the NFL lock out to the media is “we know as much as you guys do.” Based on that statement, “we” the fans have no idea when the lock out is going to end, which means either do the players. If the players do not know when the […]

Eagles Senior Staff Members To Have 25% Cut In Pay

I’ve learned through an NFL source that members of the Eagles senior staff will be taking a 25% cut in their contracts on or around June 11th. This paycut will be for senior members of the staff only and not for entry level positions in the organization.
I don’t have any further details about the […]

DeMaurice Smith Has The Ball And He Must Make A Play

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith convinced NFL players that he was the guy they needed to stop the league’s owners from ripping up the current collective bargaining agreement and taking money out of their pockets. He defeated the guy, former Eagles Troy Vincent, who everybody thought was the favorite to be the next NFLPA […]

Roger Goodell: NFL Teams Could Have Agreed To Trades Before The Draft

According to Les Bowen of, Eagles President Joe Banner and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did a conference call yesterday with a group of chosen Eagles fans.
One of the fans asked the Commissioner if a couple of teams could have agreed to a trade during that brief period when they were told to begin conducting […]

NFL Teams Will Really Open Their Facilities For NFL Players On Friday

NFL teams will open their offices tomorrow at 8am and they’ll allow their players to enter the facilities and workout if they desire to do so. In a memo which was released today, the NFL said players will be able to meet with coaches and spend time going over their playbooks beginning on Friday.
They […]

Now We See Who Wants To Shut Down The Game

The NFL owners have been exposed. There’s only one side of this battle that wants to shut down the game and aren’t willing to go provide football to the fans and it’s the owners. Where’s NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell when you need him? He scolded the players for wanting to go to […]



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