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With The Eagles Hands Tied, The Market For Kolb Dwindles


It looked for a day or two like the Eagles might get their chance to trade Kevin Kolb for some valuable 2012 draft picks, but now that the lockout has been resumed, those chances aren’t there.
Not only are the chances to trade him disappearing, but the teams to trade him to are disappearing [...]

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Reviewing The First Round Of The 2011 NFL Draft

Cam Newton

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about NFL Mock Drafts, it’s that they’re pretty much useless after the fourth overall pick. After that trades are likely to start occurring and/or some stud who caught everyone’s attention at the NFL Combine isn’t as high on team’s boards as perceived.
The first round of the 2011 NFL [...] Mock Draft #8

Jimmy Smith

We’re only a couple a days away from the 2011 NFL draft and rumors are flying all over the place. I think at least four or five quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round. Not only will Auburn’s Cam Newton and Missouri’s Blaine Gabbert go in the first four or five picks, but [...]

2011 NFL Draft: Looking Closer At The Prospects Worked Out By The Eagles #2

Colorado v Texas

We started talking about the 44 draft prospects which the Eagles have taken second looks at prior to Thursday’s draft. We listed the first 22 yesterday. Today we will go through the second 22 prospects, which the Eagles spent extra time working out or bringing in for a closer check.
Tomorrow we will [...]

Eagles Are Likely To Trade Down With QB Hungry Team In Order To Add Picks


There are quite a few NFL teams with quarterback needs. The number could be as high as half the league, but those teams aren’t interested in drafting a quarterback with a pick in the top ten or fifteen, unless they can get Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert.
The rest of the quarterbacks are [...]

Eagles Workout QB Prospect Jake Locker


Some say that University of Washington quarterback Jack Locker would have been a top ten pick if he had come out last year. Others say there’s no way he would have gone in the first half of the draft.
After a lackluster 2010 season, nobody knows when Locker is going to be drafted this time [...]

Paulman’s Mock Draft #7


The draft is only two weeks away, so mock drafts are starting to look alike, nobody knows who is going to be the first pick in the draft, but Cam Newton’s name is starting to show up in that number one spot more and more. Newton goes first in this one, but there’s a [...] Mock Draft #7

Julio Jones

The consensus is at this present time that Cam Newton will be the first pick in the draft. His upside is so out of this world that the Panthers can’t draft somebody else and be left wondering, what if.Alabama’s Marcell Dareus is expected to go second to the Denver Broncos.
The Bills need [...] Mock Draft 6


It’s a toss up right now in regards to who will be the number one pick but it’s likely to be one of two quarterbacks, Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton. The Carolina Panthers are doing their homework and we’ll have to wait and see which one of the quarterbacks they grab.
With all of [...]

Top Five QB Prospects For NFL Draft


This isn’t a deep draft for quarterbacks. The teams at the top of the draft were very disappointed when they found out that Stanford’s Andrew Luck had decided not to come out this year. Right now Heisman Trophy winner Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is the talk of the draft. He’s the wild [...]


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