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Harrison has a brain tumor

By now, we’ve all heard about the failed trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions. The Eagles tried to send Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions in exchange for former Eagle Jerome Harrison and a seventh-round pick.
However, Harrison failed a physical with the Eagles and the trade had to be […]

Harrison Fails Physical And The Trade With The Brown Is Voided

What would it be like to play for a team which tried to trade you but couldn’t because the guy they tried to trade you for failed the physical? Eagles running back Ronnie Brown is going to find out what they feels like.
The trade between the Eagles and the Detroit Lions was voided because […]

Eagles Trade Ronnie Brown To Detroit For Jerome Harrison and Pick

Yesterday’s decision by the Eagles to trade running back Ronnie Brown to the Detroit Lions for former Eagles running back Jerome Harrison and an undisclosed draft choice in 2013 was a good one. Like some of the other free agent signings which the Eagles made after the lockout, Brown wasn’t working out.
His […]

Eagles won’t pursue any of their unrestricted free agents?

You might find some of this shocking, I know I did. The Philadelphia Inquirer has learned that the Eagles will not pursue any of their unrestricted free agents.
Sure, we knew they were going to let Quintin Mikell walk, but Stewart Bradley and Sav Rocca? According to this report, that is indeed […]

2011 NFL Offseason: A Closer Look At The Eagles Running Backs

I’ve resigned to the fact that as long as Andy Reid is the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, the run/pass ratio is going to be lopsided in favor of throwing the ball.
While everyone knows what Reid’s offensive philosophy is, is it too much to ask the running backs to rush the ball […]

Eagles Tender Running Back Jerome Harrison And Punter Sav Rocca

The deadline for the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is quickly approaching but they’re still busy at the Nova Care Complex making minor moves.
Today they tendered two additional restricted free agents, backup running back Jerome Harrison and punter Sav Rocca. They tendered Harrison at the second round level and tendered Rocca at the no […]

Eagles Offseason Strategy For 2011

Another of’s loyal readers. Daggolden, put together the strategy for the Eagles 2011 offseason.  He lays out all the money the Birds have saved in the last few years by ridding themselves of veterans, now he wants the Eagles to sign Oakland cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.
I know the Birds were interested in him a couple […]

Protecting The Football Will Be Vital Versus Giants

Every defense which faces the Eagles experiences the feeling of having a loaded gun pointed at them for four quarters.  The defenders know that if they miss a tackle or get out of position for a split-second, the Birds can explode for a long touchdown each and every time they snap the football.
At the same […]

Celek And The Running Game Need Big Games Versus Two-Deep Safeties

Defenses are going to play two-safeties deep the rest of the season in order to stop Michael Vick from throwing bombs to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  The defense hasn’t stopped the Eagles but it has slowed them down, so teams will utilize it the rest of the way.
They will be in either a double […]

Reid & Mornhinweg Thought McCoy Would Fit This Offense & They Were Right

I was told a couple of years ago after LeSean McCoy’s freshman year at Pittsburgh that Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg were in love with McCoy. You can see why, he fits this offense.
The Birds are able to get him the ball in the open field and he may be the toughest guy in the […]



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