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What Effect Will The Purchase Of The Devils Have On The Sixers?


The dust has finally settled. That dust would be Joshua Harris buying our “Good-Old Friends” the New Jersey Devils.  When I first heard the news about Harris’ new adventure, I thought to myself, “Really? The Devils!?” “Out of all the hockey teams that are struggling financially, you buy the Devils?” Do you even understand Philadelphia?” Oh, […]


His Team’s Record Not Andre Iguodala’s Stats Has Him In The NBA All-Star Game

Andre Iguodala, Greg Monroe, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye, Spencer Hawes

76ers small forward Andre Iguodala is only 81st in the league in scoring.  He is 48th in the league in rebounding, which is nothing to write home about.  Being 27th in the league in assists doesn’t normally help you make the All-Star game.  His best category is steals where he’s 11th in the league.
Does Iguodala […]

How The 2012 “Beat L.A.” Chant Started

Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen 1


There was 2:44 left in the 4th quarter, my friends and I sat angry, not at the Sixers, but at the fans. We sat in section 216-A in our $10 seats annoyed that so many Lakers fans (not from LA) were cheering on the Lakers in our house.

It was the first Sixers Lakers game in […]



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