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The True Message

A Message From Garry Cobb:

Of course sports has always been a big part of my life, but it hasn’t been the most important part of my life. My parents always taught us from the time that I can remember breathing that our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ was the most important area of our lives.

They taught us that there was a place for education and accomplishments but that God loved us, had a plan for our lives and that we should make Him in what we did. I accepted that belief and still feel that so many people struggle in lives because they don’t know how much God’s loves them. They don’t know how special they are to the Lord. They don’t know that they’re the apple of His eye.

God has a purpose for your life. He knows everything that’s going on in your life. He knows everything that you’re doing and He knows everything that you’ve done, good or bad, yet He still loves you just the same.

Many people focus on the things they have done wrong and let them stop them from asking the Lord to come into their lives and it stops them from believing that God loves them. I don’t care what you’re involved in at the present time, sin isn’t your problem. Not having accepted God’s forgiveness for your sins and not having a relationship with the Lord is your problem.

God the Father sent His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to the cross to die for our sins. Sin isn’t your problem. Your only problem is that you haven’t accepted God’s forgiveness.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosover shall believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”.

If you were to say that you believe Jesus died for you sins and also believe he rose again from the dead for you, He would come into your life and you would be born again. It’s that simple. God cares about you regardless of what your past includes.

Being born again involves your spirit and not your body. The bible teaches that we are spirit beings. We have a soul which is our mind, will and emotions and we live in a body. Your body is just the “house” that you live in right now. When somebody dies, their body lies in the casket but the real person, the spirit and soul of that person have gone.

Again, you are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body. Your spirit, the real you, is recreated when accept Jesus into your life. You can start your life anew by asking Jesus to come into your life.

So many people condemn themselves and don’t think much of themselves. You need to let God love you and love yourself. The only way you can love others is first of all, accepting and loving yourself. You don’t have to be a famous athlete or actor or multimillionaire to be somebody who is special to God.

So many of you guys need to accept and love yourself regardless of what your standing in life is, so that you can love your wife and your children. If you’re hurting because of things people have done to you, you need to let Jesus love you and heal you of all those inner hurts and injuries.

If your Dad wasn’t there in your life, that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for your children. Why don’t you accept Jesus into your life so you don’t do to your children what your father did to you? Your biological father may not have been there for you and he may not have accepted you, but you Spiritual Father will always be there for you and always love you.

I see so many youngsters who don’t like the way their face looks or they don’t like their bodies. This is especially true with girls and young ladies. The young boys might not like the fact that they’re not the best athlete or they’re not tallest amongst their friends. They may not think they have accomplished enough, but I always encourage them in the belief that God values them as much as anybody on this earth.

Jesus is the answer to what all of our hearts long for. We can’t satisfy that longing with sex, money, power or fame. A relationship with Jesus Christ and our decision to turn our lives over to Him is the only true perfect satisfaction in this life.

People grow up and look for love from other people, when in truth it will never satisfy. You see marriages headed for divorce because both spouses are looking for their husband or their wife to satisfy all of their needs and desires. It’s impossible and it’s not going to happen.

I believe we all are never really satisfied until we know of God’s love for us. Only He can satisfy the longing in our hearts to be valued and loved. With that satisfaction we can go out and love other people. We can be loving and supportive spouses and parents.

I encourage you to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life and your heart.

I have put together a group of stories about other athletes who have made the decision to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives.



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