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The recent cancer battle of Eagles Pro Bowl kicker David Akers’ young daughter, Halley, came to public attention after he missed a couple of kicks during the Birds playoff loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, after safety Quintin Mikell mentioned that Akers was dealing a serious family issue.

Without having discussed it with him, I knew David was on his knees praying to Lord about it. I knew he was leaning on the Lord Jesus and his Word during what were some very tough times. Little Halley had an operation and a cancerous ovary was removed and she is said to be cancer-free and doing fine.

Akers is serious about his relationship with the Lord. He has no problem letting people know that he has given his life to the Lord. That attitude comes through regardless of what particular subject he is talking about. Last year David expressed his thoughts about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow doing a Pro-Life Super Bowl commercial with his Mom.

Akers, who has played more games as an Eagles than any player in team history, said that since he is “definitely pro-life” because the Bible talks about God knowing us when we’re in our mother’s wombs. He said he has been through the adoption process in his family, he believes strongly in celebrating life.

“They have a life,” Akers said, speaking about an unborn child, “and if you take that away, that’s pretty cruel.”

“If you get into the politics of what should and shouldn’t happen, I’m definitely biblically-based,” Akers said. “I think that’s creation and we shouldn’t harm it.”

Like millions and millions of other Christians, Akers lives his life according to the Holy Bible. Although fans make a big deal about what David does on the field, he realizes that he has a more important role as a husband and father off the field.

“It’s more important I come home Sunday night and my daughters still know I love them and I’m still a good husband to my wife,” David said. “God has put me in this position because he wants me to succeed. If not, He has another reason for putting me there. God has a plan and a purpose for my life and for this team.”

The Eagles Pro Bowl kicker is very well aware of the scripture in the Good Book that says “To whom much is given much is required”, so he knows that the fact millions of youngsters nationwide idolize him and his teammates means he needs to take the platform and tell them about the true giver of Life.

“I’m not a policeman, I’m not a fireman, I’m not in the Armed Forces,” Akers said. “I’ve got my one little niche to be able to kick a football and by doing that I’ve been able to change peoples’ lives.”

The Birds kicker knows how the Lord has made him a better kicker, a better father, a better and a better person because he decided to make Jesus the Lord of his life. He realized that he needed the Lord’s direction and His guidance in becoming the man that God wanted him to be.



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