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Eagles former defensive tackle Paul Grasmanis lived a dream come true when attended Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana and played football for the Fighting Irish. Then he went on to play for the nearby Chicago Bears and to Paul life was as good as it gets but things didn’t workout with the Bears.

Paul was dejected and bitter about all the injuries and disappointments which had befallen him. It reached an all-time low when he was arrested for reportedly threatening to kill his wife at the time, following an argument over a video game she urged him to stop playing.

It was reduced to a misdemeanor and Paul paid a small fine and had to get some counseling, but he knew he was headed in the wrong direction.

Paul knew he needed to make a change and he knew that his answer was in God’s Holy Word. The huge 300 pounder prayed the prayer found in book of Romans. That answer to his life’s longing was in chapter 10, verses 9 and 10. Paul needed to believe in his heart and confess with his mouth that Jesus Christ is his Lord. He did that and was promptly born again.

After being born again, Grasmanis turned his life around and is as fulfilled as ever. He has beautiful wife, Kerry and they have a little daughter by the name of Lanny Grace.

The big guy isn’t patting himself on the back for turning his life around he realizes it was the Lord.

“The Lord has blessed me,” Grasmanis said. “Everything has taken place at one time because of Him.”

Grasmanis does give credit to a couple of former Bear teammates Mark Thomas and Greg Huntington who won him to the Lord by the lives they lived in front of him.

“I saw the lives of those Christian guys, and I wanted that life,” Grasmanis said. “I’m not going to beat people over the head and preach to them. But I want people to see the light on me. God has done a lot for me.”

Paul played on the Eagles team which went to the Super Bowl and lost to the New England Patriots. He was a backup defensive tackle on that squad and was a key contributor on 3rd downs by getting in there and putting pressure on the quarterback.

Former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson loved the work ethic and attitude which Grasmanis exhibited while he was an Eagle.



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